Please read through our FAQ to get answers to most common questions.


What is NFTVillage?

NFTVillage is PajeetCoin's first NFT Marketplace built using UNIFTY Marketplace API. It is a hub for NFT projects to mint, buy, sell, swap NFT.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are representations of collectibles on the blockchain. NFTs are usually associated with digital art but their use-cases are limitless. NFTs are one of the fastest growing asset classes in the crypto space.

What is NFTVillage's ultimate goal?

NFTVillage is aiming to become the major hub for exchanging, creating, managing and market NFTs and collectibles.

What is a collection?

A collection holds many NFTs of the same type. If you have a series of Quote Cards NFTs for example, you would store them in the same collection. Collections at NFTVillage are ERC1155 contracts, the new NFT standard for Ethereum.

Why should I create collections at NFTVillage?

If you intend to build a community around your NFTs it is critical that you have full ownership and administrative privileges over all contracts in play. The collections you create at NFTVillage are entirely yours. Additionally, all contracts made with NFTVillage are already verified!

I don't have any crypto wallet, how do I use NFTVillage?

We're using Torus, so you could use your social account to create a new wallet

I use Trust Wallet, why can't i use your dapp?

We're working with our API provider for the marketplace. It's within the roadmap.

Meanwhile u could use Metamask.

Guide to set up Metamask with BSC here : Metamask BSC Tutorial

I don't want to transfer my token to Metamask, i will get taxed 10%

Our max staking (10k PAJEET) is low, so can just buy a low amount of pajeet in another metamask wallet. 10k pajeet is like .000002 USD

How to buy with my PAJEET?
  • Go to our farm page
  • Every farm got their own set of max staking
  • With PAJEET, u can stake a max of 10K PAJEET
  • U will get 10K points/day if u stake max of 10K PAJEET
  • Wait for your points to accumulate
  • Use those points to redeem your NFT!
So u have staking, what is the APR?

The staking in our farm currently is the gamification for the experience and to let everyone collect points > redeem the NFT and start collecting. Once the total supply of the NFT has been met then it’s up to you to trade higher or just keep it.

Will max stake be increased in the future?

It's within our roadmap to have more farms, dedicated to unique NFT packs with different points requirement and higher max stake.

What can i do with NFT?

You can have it as your collection or for trading. Since NFT is unique and limited the value will increase over time. U could trade it, store it. Up to you

I am a PAJEET holder, what can I do in NFTVillage ?
  • Stake your PAJEET or PAJEET-BNB LP Token to accumulate Points
  • Use the points to redeem NFT
  • Trade it! Get more PAJEET by trading at the marketplace, since NFT is limited release, so price can go up from time to time
  • No PAJEET? There will be shop where u can buy / buyout NFT using BNB
I bought the NFT! How to get that in my wallet?

  • Go to the NFT Page by pressing Open Details
  • Get the collection address at the bottom of the page, copy it.
  • Go to Your Wallet
  • Press the Cog button
  • Register collection, add the collection address you copied earlier
  • Refresh and wait, it should be there

These are the some collection addresses for reference :
  • SPACEBROS Starter Cards : 0xc1DF8775AC82752a49b516B16c800B4cf4279C53
  • Pajeet's Quote Cards : 0x6838c2D11b6EFC0b0847D18F1B558FF80215C7D4

I still couldn't get it work, my NFT is still not showing

If you have any problems with collections not showing or other errors please first change node.

Because the Binance node is heavily rate limited, our API provider created their own BSC node.

This will work among all dapps not just NFTVillage so you can safely replace it in MetaMask

in Metamask => settings => networks => Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Use one the following β€œNew RPC URL”


it is faster anyway, good node and helps Binance to get off some work from their shoulders